Amazing Female @ Kruemelz

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Pink Skull Mesh Outfit by *~> Kruemelz Design <~*

(includes MESH pant & MESH hoodie)

Shoes by BALKANIK 2.0

Hair / Cap by >TRUTH< (Storm)

Tattoo by ::Para Designs::

Wh4tz up F4m3

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Hooded Mesh Shirt – MUSIC by FameMonster

(Rigged Mesh with Textur HUD – aviable in different Styles)

Checker5 dark Mesh Joggingpant by *~> Kruemelz Design <~*

Shoes by >>X-Dream Design<<

Studded gloves for men & woman by [Motivaction]

Necklace Myself/Yourself by *** Just You Jewels ***

Hair / Cap by >TRUTH< (Drake)

Tattoo by ::Para Designs::

Welcome FameMonster

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So we’re give a big

`°º¤ø,¸(¯ ThX and welcome =)) ¯)¸,ø¤º°`

FameMonsteras an designer who want to get blogged from

Black on Tour

We’ll going on there…

Veröffentlicht: Juni 7, 2013 in Allgemein

Next time we will searching for new designers their clothings

we can post for anybody to get styled pretty up =))

I hope it would be successful…

You in the Army now…

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Y-M Designz Camo Outfit

Complete Camo Outfit by Y-M Designz

(Mesh Tank, Mesh Camo Baggy, Mesh Boots)

Hair / Cap by **Jomo**

Tattoo by ::Para Designs::

RdY 4 Street *yo*

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MESH Open Vest by [Motivaction]

(get it in different colors/styles with textur-hud, as fatpack … )

MESH Jeans from Outfit Adrian by Y-M Designz

MESH Nerd Glasses Jamie by Y-M Designz

(get it with color HUD for customize)

Tattoo by ::Para Designs::

Hair / Cap by ::Exile::

69 Park Ave Special for FAIR 2k13

Anthony Outfit MESH by 69 Park Ave

special design for the
“Fashion for Life Fair” 2013


Hair by ~*SculptyliciouZ*~

Leather shoes by Casa Deabolica